Saturday, May 11, 2013

MyPhone A919i Review

*This is my first Gadget Review, sorry for some grammar mist.*

MyPhone A919 Duo is my first ever MyPhone phone and I must say that I`m really impressed.  The quality, the built, the specs, the customer service and of course the developers, They`re all impressive! While playing with my 2 months old android phone from MyPhone, I was surprised, A919i came in and its specs are undeniably awesome for a phone with a price tag of Php.9,000+. I do trust MyPhone a lot because of my experience from MyPhone A919 so I believe that I need to give back to MyPhone an unbiased review for their new flagship, the MyPhone A919i Duo.

There are lots of Pinoy branded quadcore phones today and MyPhone A919i is one of them, from A919 Duo`s success, the company established lots of confidence in releasing this quad core phone considering its price is higher compared to other local quad core phones.

1.  The Box Set

Its contents are the same with the MyPhone A919 just without the CD
-The USB Charger and Port
-The Earphones
-Warranty Card

For me, the design of the packaging is not really a biggie as long as I can clearly and easily see the phone`s spec.

2. The Design
A919i is a lil bit smaller than A919 because of its design. The White color offers a pearl like texture that adds a grip to your hands while the Black color offers a glossy texture that attracts finger prints. :) A919i`s design is a bit minimalist compared to  A919 [Less screen border]. The Flash is now located below the camera

-The 5 inches screen
-2 sensors
-2mp front camera

-8mp Camera

-Volume Rocker
-Power button

3. Quadcore`s Performance

MyPhone A919i is equipped with Mediatek MT6589 processor that`s why I do experience no lags. The Application drawer is very smooth and the Applications open very fast. [What do you expect from a Quadcore?] I tried playing Iron Man 3 Official  Game and I just love how smooth the game run until the end.

4. Display
MyPhone A919i boast a 720x1280 screen resolution.
The first time I saw the phone, I was really shocked that my A919`s Level 3 Brightness was defeated by A919i`s Level 1 brightness. The display is very crisp most specially if you`re a gamer or a fan of movies, this phone is for you!
My brother do have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I tried watching Movies in 720p and I must say that the difference between Samsung S3 and A919i is not that big! I`m Impressed!
A very big jump of MyPhone from A919  to  A919i!

5. Sounds/Speaker Volume
I do experience a not-so-loud speakers from A919 so I expected that I`m going to experience it in A919i too, and MyPhone didnt fail me. [LOL] The speakers are not so bad for normal people but for rockstars or people who love listening to loud musics, they`ll be finding more. But don`t worry! MyPhone provided a very good earphones, I tested it and it sound so nice.

6. Camera

MyPhone A919i offers 8MP main camera and 2MP front camera. The main camera offers options for changing the file size into 1MP, 1.3MP, 2MP, 3MP and 5MP. The camera did great in taking my sample photos!
Make sure to remove the plastic in the main camera`s lens to see its real shooting ability.

The front camera is not that great but respectable for video calls and self shots.

7. Operating System

MyPhone A919i is equipped with Android Jellybean 4.1.2 and it`s very user friendly that even my baby brother can use it hassle free after using it for an hour.

8. Memory
It offers 1GB Ram and 1.77GB Internal Storage. The Internal Storage is quite low for HD Games, thank God we have the MyPhone Devs! They have tutorials on Swapping ang Partitioning of your SD Card-Phone Storage to maximize your Phone`s Internal storage and be able to install lots of HD Games or apps.

9. Battery
I got my phone yesterday [11am] at 97% Battery and I still have 46% battery now [8:12pm]. I`m a social network addict, I do surf a lot and play Iron man 3 for HOURS so I`m very surprised that its battery last me more than a day!
At first I was thinking that 2,000mah is not enough for a quad core because of  Cherry Mobile`s fail quad core release wherein you need to charge and charge everyday! But Myphone killed it! It proved that A919i Quad Core processor is going to give us more than we asked!

10.  Conclusion
MyPhone A919i is a very respectable phone compared to other big name quad core phones considering that its price is very affordable. It`s really a QUAD-CORE phone not a Quadcore-Quadcorean phone. Gamers and movie lovers will surely love this phone because of the Nice HD Display and Long battery life. It`s a kind of phone that you`ll not be shy to show in public.
It`s a great steal for Php.9,000+ ! A very nice phone for its price.